Rose e Perle also organize parties and dinners for birthdays and anniversaires.
And even organize cultural and corporate events.
Here is the same care in location and suppliers choise.
The passion of Rose e Perle is the same.

The wedding planner’s services

  • first informal meeting;
  • meeting to sign the consulting Agreement;
  • project in relation to the general budget deermined by the future spouses;
  • request and review of at least three quotes for each supplier;
  • assistence in meetings with potential suppliers in the following areas:
    1. Place of celebration of marriage
    2. photographer and/or video
    3. location
    4. bridal gown and accessories
    5. groom dress and accessories
    6. make up and hair style bride
    7. flower arrangements at the place of celebration and at the location
    8. receipt (chise of the type, menu and wine pairing, wedding cake)
    9. music
    10. accomodation for the guests coming from outside Rome
    11. transport for the same
    12. car for the newslyweds
    13. entertaiment for adults and children
    14. party fawors and confetti
    15. wedding announcements
    16. choise of the rings
    17. dog sitter
    18. gadget

before the wedding

  • binding timeline for all.