Rose e Perle

Roses and pearls have always been a symbol of elegance and good taste.I wish that all the events organized by me were distinguished by elegance and good taste.

Below a few of words about me.
You will also find some arragements as exemles of elegance and good taste (in my opinion).
Will be presented reportages of courses, open days and weddings.

Why commit Roses and Pearls organization of their marriage?
Because we’ll introduce original solutions in the most beautiful places in Rome, Latium, Umbria and in South Tuscany.

Some considerations on my idea of wedding planner:

  • He /she should be the director of the event. The protagonistes are the newlyweds and their guests.
  • He/she should not do the work of individual professionals that contribue events’ creation, but must know their work.
  • The movie fails if everyone goes their own.

Finally I don’t like copies.

No even will be equal to another, because each of us is different from the others

In Italy there are many wedding planners, in Rome too.

Why should you choose me ?

  • Because I follow all stages of organization from beginning to end.
  • Because I’ll to meet you, I’ll let you talk, I’ll try to figure out what are yours dreams.
  • Because I’ll you ask (you must not offend) which is yours budget, what you are willing to sacrifice, and what you want absolutely.
  • Because I’ll introduce a project for your Day, for your beautiful Day.

I wait for you
Maria Rita